Character Design

I’ve decided to use this character I call The Botanist for my Playdate comic.

Character design for The Botanist and his companions

I created this character earlier this year as part of the Ten Hundred class on Monthly. Here’s what I wrote about him at the time:

The Botanist travels around to different worlds searching for ancient seeds to help reforest his home planet. His ghostly companion, Spirit, provides guidance and intuition.
He gets analytical assistance from his System Droids that tap into The Motherboard, a central computer that contains what remains of collected human knowledge.

Here’s a photo of the final painting I made in that class:

Painting of The Botanist

I like the vibrant colors in the painting, but I think the character works great in black and white too, so he should be a good fit for the Playdate comic. I already have a few stories in mind for him. I’m not sure if I’ll incorporate the sidekick characters too. That might be something that gets added over time in future volumes.