Panels Tutorial Videos

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I put together some tutorial videos to help folks figure out how to make their own comics with my Panels framework.

There are six videos in total:

  1. Setup
    Get the project template and framework from the code repos and get the examples up and running.

  2. Preparing Artwork
    Export layered images and bring them in to your comic (with parallax effects).

  3. Creating Sequences
    Set up the data files that define the panels and sequences for your comic.

  4. Animating Layers
    Make things move! Animate layer positions, create frame-based animations, and apply layer effects.

  5. Adding Audio
    Add background music, ambient noise, and synchronized sound effects.

  6. Chapters, Credits, & Menu Art
    Complete your comic by adding the finishing touches to the in-game menus.

You can access all the videos in a single playlist here:

📺 Making a Panels Comic for Playdate